Khaplu Ghanche | Must  Visit Places in Khaplu Ghanche Baltistan |

3-Hours drive from Skardu City you can landed in District Ghanche  Khaplu covered with mountain from everywhere.

A Big Welcome Gate is the sigh that you are now entering in Khaplu Valley.

Ghanche Baltistan
 is the fifth district of Skardu region. Located at the extreme North of Pakistan. 3 Hours of drive from Skardu City.

Khaplu is the headquarter of District Ghanche with 5 more sub-divisions.
Like other district in Skardu Baltistan,  Ghanche is also the one of the most beautiful  place to attract millions of tourist every year.
Khaplu City is the headquarter of District. An attractive place for visitors around the Globe.

According to local survey more than 5Million peoples are visit Khaplu in summer season only. It is a big number if we look back in past 5 years.

The number of visitors are increasing tremendously every year. As visitor increase the Municipal Committee who are responsible for the District Maintenance  &
 manage very well to facilitate them . Assistant Commissioner (AC) always stand there to help Municipal Committee .

Like they help them to find Roads for their destination , place location boards every where .
You can read welcome message on most of the street of Khaplu Valley.
Local people are welcomed visitors in their own traditional ways, like they mostly offer them some local fresh fruits Apricot, Apple etc.

You will never be misguided in Village , incase If you forgot the way than you can tell anyone they will guide you  to your destination .

Some Famous and Beautiful Places in Khaplu Village Must Visit

Chaqchan Mosque Khaplu  

The historic Mosque located in Khaplu City .A Mosque was build in 1370 and is the oldest Architecture in the region.
A combination of three different  architecture Persian , Tibetan and Kashmiri and has stood for more than 700 years.

Chaqchan Mosque
Chaqchan Mosque

Chaqchan Mosque Khaplu
Chaqchan Mosque Khaplu

1: Sarena Hotel Khaplu

Sarena Hotel Khaplu for also known as the Raja Mahal (KHAR) in local language(Balti) is one of the most attractive and beautiful place in Khaplu Village.
Build in 19th century .Visitors are always got surprise when they saw the Architecture of Palace. Unfortunately with the passage of time due to lack of notice by the owners palace were looking ruin.
The palace were hand over to AKRSP(Aga Khan Ruler Support Program) in 2005-2006.

Now the palace is turn into Serena Hotel Khaplu.
AKRSP rebuild the Palace but one thing to notice is the original look and the architecture everything is still the same as there were before.

Serena Hotel Khaplu is the 1st most expensive hotel to stay in Khaplu Village.
There are more than 40 rooms in the hotel .
The Raja Room and the Rani room are two most expensive rooms to stay RS-45K & 40k  are charged for a day.
Other rooms  are at normal price minimum 10k to 30k .
You can see a beautiful view of Khaplu from the roof of the Fort. 

Serena Hotel Khaplu
Serena Hotel Khaplu

Serena Hotel Khaplu
Serena Hotel Khaplu

Khaplu Fort
Khaplu Fort

Khaplu Fort in summer
Khaplu Fort in summer

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2: Khaplu Palace 

 Just 10 to 15 minutes of drive from Sarena Khaplu yu can reach a village name Gharbuchong. The road ends here . From here you have to climb on a road made on a small mountain. The road is dangerous but also adventurous.

This is a place to look Khaplu Village with an eye bird view. The Khaplu Village is looking just  WOWWW from here .If you are in Khaplu for only 1 or 3 days than just go to Khaplu Palace from here you can see Khaplu Valley.
The area of Khaplu Palace is lush green .

3:Saling Khaplu  

Another beautiful place to visit in Khaplu is Saling. Saling is located little bit far from Khaplu Valley . Its take maximum and hour of drive to reach Saling from Khaplu. After crossing a hanging suspension bridge. Only one vehicle can cross the bridge at a time.
NOTE Don’t try to cross the bridge in heavy Air. Its very dangerous for you.

 The new one is under construction.
But you have to go to Saling if you are in Khaplu. You can’t miss this place.
If  you are Cricket lover than take a Bat-Ball with you .You can play Cricket in Saling Stadium for free.
There are two stadium in Saling .Both are a natural not artificial, but they look like a perfect stadium.
The another thing to see in Saling is The Saling Fish Farm. A local man own a Fish Farm in Slaing just in the right side of Saling Stadium.

They are also serving as a hotel. You can enjoy Trout Fish here with your family.
For National visitors they charge a ticket of Rs50-100.
For foreigners they charge Rs-500.

Saling Khaplu
Saling Khaplu

Road to Saling Khaplu
Road to Saling Khaplu

Beautiful Saling Lake
Beautiful Saling Lake


4:Khaplu Broq 

 An hour of drive from Khaplu. 3 Hour by walk.
Once you reach here than you will never want to leave this place. This is a place which is use for farming by local people. They are  not stay here like house. Here they are making a temporary houses for taking rest while they work in farms. And a place for cooking foods etc.

If you are visitor than and if you are not come here with preparation than you will face some problems for cooking foods etc. Because you can not found any hotels  restaurant s etc here.

But I suggest you , go to any body and ask them for help what you want. They will definitely help you . If you were lucky  they offer you a free meal with them. If you got the chance than never miss, you will love it. 

5: Bara Vallley  

 You might be hear best fishes are found in Skardu Baltistan. This is a place for fish lovers.
If you want to caught /haunting you can .And if you love to eat fish only than you can also enjoy fish here in affordable prices.
They cooked very well also because they are professionals.
Another place to visit in Bara Valley  is BrogGong. A river side farm field near with the Fish Farm.

Religion in Khaplu District Ghanche

First thing first there is no sectarian issue in District Ghanche and even in Baltistan region .
Islam came in this region in the era of Rajas.

How Islam Came into the Region?

Syed  Ali Hamdani who was a Persian Sufi born in Hamadan City of Iran.
Once he visited to Kashmir and came to know about the region because in earlier days there was only a route which connect the region to the rest of major cities.(Kargil-Laddakh).

Before that most of them were Buddhist or belongs to any other Non-Musim religions.
Chaqchan Khanqah Khaplu
Chaqchan Khanqah Khaplu
At his first visit he start preaching Islam in the region but not openly. He left the region after some time. But next time he migrated here for ever and start preaching Islam again and openly. Because the support of Rajas of that time he get a free hand to Preaching Islam openly.
In a very short period of time he convert almost 60 to 70% of peoples. Non Muslims was still  iving there.
In 1947 when the partition of Pak-India happen Baltistan region was not a part of Pakistan . After 1 year of Pak-India Independence the people of Gilgit baltistan met with Quaid-e-Azam and announce their  Lives  with Pakistan. Non-Muslim start to left the region some of them were killed by local peoples many of them are migrated to India.

According to 2007 census held the population of District Ghanche was 160,000.
People are followers of different sects . The three major sects are Shia,NorBakshia,Sunni .
Population ratio according to sects almost 80% population of the District Ghanche is belongs to NorBakshia Sect.
15% of population Shia Muslim.
and 5% of population is Sunni Muslims.

Zero crime ratio is the quality of the people of this region.
The 100% of population of District Ghanche is Muslim .

Whether of District Ghanche


When talking about the whether its depend on the season .
If you want to enjoy snowfall with your friends and family than went here in the months of October  to February. Heavy snow fall happening every year.
In winter season the normal temperature is below ZERO. Sometime reach to -25C and the normal is -5C In winter.

And in summer the normal temperature is 10-20C.

 Culture of Ghanche Baltistan

When its come to culture the district is very rich in culture.


100% of peoples in the region are Balti speaking. A Tibetan language which is spoken in the region of Kargil-Laddakh and some part of Nepal also.

Cultural Dress A unique costume represent their cultural  dress with a white round soft woolen cap.

These dresses are manufactured by local peoples. You can found such dress only in the region.
Cultural Cap of Skardu Baltistan


The 100% population is Muslim in the region.

 Some of the famous architecture are the proof , that the region is rich in Culture.

 A white soft woolen cap is the most prominent cultural symbol of the region. There are many other symbols also.

Politics. Government and laws [rules and leadership]

the famous three political parties having their party rit in the region. 


Most of the people are Government Servant .Other doing businesses and farming .

Geography of Khaplu

103 Kilometers from Skardu City and two and half hours.

List of some other places to see in Khaplu
  • Chaqchan Bridge
  • Hatchi Bridge
  • Khaplu Polo Ground
  • Khaplu Hippi Power Plant
  • Khanqah Mosque
  • Khaplu Main Bazar
  • Khaplu Koqtung Fish Farm

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